Anakin frame kit

Sky hero which is European racing drone manufacture released beautiful frame named Anakin. As you know, Anakin skyworker is so famous on Star wars movie.
Most racing drone looks like Frankenstein when she is built up. But this frame is elegant and beautiful at its design.
Here is the frame kit.
White canopy is light weight material, it covers frame and protects parts like FC, receiver and FPV gears. Main frame and arms are carbon fiber material. Arms are pipe type, so mini ESCs can be hided into those.
Here are the parts list to put into her:

  • FC : CC3d mini
  • Motor : Multistar Elite 2306-2150KV mini Monster
  • ESC : ZTW Mini 18A BLHeli firmware
  • FPV : Aomway Mini 200mW VTX and 600TVL Camera
  • Receiver : Walkera 7CH receiver


I attached 4 motors at each motor mount of arms, take out the motor wires trough arm pipe and connected to each ESC.

It was hard to make position the 4 arms onto under frame. There was zig to support this. But I struggle more than 2 hours to made this.

After fix the position, check the balance of 4 arms, then attached upper frame.

Next, I soldered power wires of ESCS, FPV gears, battery cable and 5v power connector for FC onto power distribution board.

This is the camera mounting.

I attached video TX onto frame tail.

Here is the result. I put some decals onto canopy.

Let’s look at the size comparison to 450 class and 180 class which I made before.

Conclusion : Anakin is so beautiful and most electricity parts like ESCS, FC, power distribution board, receiver and FPV gears are abled to be protected by light weight canopy. But the frame is expansive and not easy to assemble. But she is worth to purchase in the point view of design, I think.


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