CC3D mount sideways for sidepin

My cc3D board has side pins. This isn’t good for micro drone because these stick out to right side. This brings air-drag when pitch up.

The other cons is connecting usb port. This is at behind and is uncomfortable to put the cable in there.

Openpilot provides virtual attitude when rotate the board from origin direction. I placed the board 90 degree rotation so that side pins placed to front side. After relocate this, it is needed to set the yaw degree to 90 at Openpilot GCS.

To edit the yaw rotation value, I connected the drone to my laptop using usb cable. It was very comfortable that usb port was at right side.

Open the GCS–>go to Attitude–>set the value 90 of Yaw –>Save–>click Level to re-calibrate the accelerometer–> and Save again.



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