Micro racing drone based CC3D flight controller

I think it’s been more than 4 months since my latest post of this blog. Now, I just started build 160 size micro racing drone with CC3d FC which is very cheap and nice.
Here is the parts list what I built:

  1. FC : CC3D Acro
  2. ESC : DYS 10A Opto (no BEC)
  3. Motor : DYS BE1806 2300KV brushless motor
  4. Frame : Diatone grasshopper G160
  5. RC receiver : Walkera 7CH receiver
  6. Propeller : DAL 4045 prop


This carbon fibre frame is so light weight and strong. There is very narrow spaces to put power distribution board, FC and other stuffs. I will use openpilot firmware and the motor number as like below pictures. M1 and M3 are clockwise, M2 and M4 are anti-clockwise.

This is my first time to use cc3d board. This don’t have autonomous feature as like APM, but this provides very easy setup using GUI based openpilot software. I purchased copycat under $15.
cc3d board

The first thing to build was mount four motors on each arms and then attached power distribution board which provides 12V&5V out. This board was bundled into frame kit.

I soldered power cable with TX60 connector and fed 11.1V power, and then verified 11.1v was out normally.

And also made sure that 5V was out to feed power into cc3D board. (There no 5V BEC in my esc, so I needed to add on power source for FC board. I would connect this power into the 5th pin of RC output on the board.

Next, I attached 10A ESCs onto each arm and soldered onto power distribution board(12V out). And also soldered 5V power cable with dupont pin for cc3d board powering.

Next, I mounted cc3d board onto power distribution board using nylon spacer and  connected ESC cables into RC output of FC board, and then connected 5V power cable into the 5th RC output.

The final job of hardware building was connect the Receiver into RC input. Black is GND, red is VCC, white is pitch, blue is roll, yellow is throttle, green is yaw, orange is flight mode where I assigned this aux2 of the receiver and brown is actually nothing.

This is the result. This was very light weight. It weighted only 307grams with 1000mah battery.

At first, I considered to attach 5″ props on that, but that was too long. 4″ was just fit on that. I will explain how to set up the software at next posting.


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