250 Class FPV Racing Drone using mini APM

Drone racing game has been popularity and 250 class has set position as FPV racing drone. This is very portable in a backpack, cost effective, easy to assemble and maintain.
To build up this, I prepared below parts:

  1. Frame : 270mm Variant insect carbon fiber frame kit
  2. Motor : DYS 1806 2300KV brushless motor *4
  3. ESC : Emax simonK 12A ESC *4
  4. Propeller : 5030 propeller *4
  5. Power distributor : APM power distributor board with 5V output
  6. Flight controller : Mini APM 3.1
  7. Radio receiver : Walkera RX701 2.4G 7CH receiver
  8. Video TX with CMOS camera : Eachine 700TVL Cmos camera with 32CH Video TX
  9. OSD : minim OSD
  10. Battery : 11.1v 2200mah LiPo battery
  11. GPS : Ublox Neo 6M

Here is the carbon fiber frame kit which was very harden and light weight.

Here are the parts where put into the frame :

I pre assembled the frame kit at first. Overall shape was good and arm is able to be folded enough to put into small backpack.

I adopted mini APM for the 250 class frame. This provides same feature of APM FC, but the size is tiny as 35mm*35mm and very light weight as only 20g.
mini APM

The first thing I I did to set the FC was uploading the arducopter firmware. mini APM has micro USB port and I connected this to my computer using USB cable and flashed the firmware through Mission Planner.

I prepared some wires to be connected into the APM as below picture.
280 cable

And then, connected into the APM as like as below picture.

After I done this, I soldered power cable, four ESCs onto power distribution board as below picture.

I mounted four motors onto each arm.

And attached power distribution board assembly under the frame and connected to the motors.

APM power distribution board has 5V power output for the APM. Here is pin map of this.
APM Power distribution

And here is the power connection diagram between Power distribution and mini APM.
APM Power connection

To FPV enabled, I needed to add on CMOS camera with Video TX and connect to minim OSD to display parameters onto video screen. Here is the connection diagram among CMOS camera, Video TX and minim OSD.
cmoscam osd

After wiring of those, I watched video capture with onscreen parameters on my DIY goggle successfully.

Here is the final result.



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